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Transform your bathroom into your own personal spa!

There are many types of glass shower enclosures and plenty of ways to make them your own. The choices are almost endless, with custom frameless showers, semi-frameless showers, and framed showers we can find a shape and look to fit any bathroom. We can then customize any shower to your taste with different glass patterns, thickness and tint options followed by many different options in the hardware to finish the look. We can accommodate high volume commercial and hotel jobs and love to work with individual homeowners on your bathroom transformations. Check out this page for a sample of the options we can discuss, check out the glass and hardware options page and then call us for a FREE estimate. We guarantee you will love the work that we do with you!

Frameless, Semi-frameless and framed glass shower options

Frameless glass shower enclosure


This option is all glass or nearly all glass. This sleek look hides the seams of the glass and accentuates the tiling and hardware that you choose to finish your shower. Truly a rich spa look!

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Semi-frameless glass shower enclosure


This option has a metal frame around the enclosure, but does not have a metal frame around the door. In the bathroom pictured here, the semi-frameless offers a seamless look to the entire front of the shower with a decorative frame that matches the hardware on the sides and bottom of the enclosure.

Framed glass shower enclosure


This option has a metal frame around the entire enclosure. Today, there are many color options to choose from in the frame making it easy to match the hardware throughout your bathroom or choose something that fits your taste. Checkout the most popular frame color options.

Protective glass coatings from New England Home & Glass can protect your shower door for years to come. ShowerGuard Glass offers permanent sealing and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


C-10 is a glass protection system which can repel water and oil and comes with a 10-year warranty. Clear Shield is a non-toxic liquid protective coating that can resist and discoloration from hard water. Contact us for a free clear protective coating for shower doors.

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Options for every budget


While we specialize in full glass shower projects, we are happy to accommodate smaller projects or budgets as well. Along with full glass enclosures, we sell and install individual single framed doors, frameless doors or spray panels. If you have already purchased a shower or glass for a shower, we are happy to do the installation for you. All work that we do is guaranteed. Call us now to schedule a FREE estimate.

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